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snowy river cycling

Ride with Snowy River Cycling on a cycle journey through the mountains, forests and tiny communities of Far East Gippsland Victoria, where the Snowy River carves a valley through the mountains before meeting the sea. Fully supported tours from half day to six day tours are available.

Our six-day fully supported cycle tours allow you to get up-close and personal with this little known part of Australia. Our friendly and knowledgeable local crew is never far away with fascinating information, great food, freshly brewed coffee and tea and a support vehicle whenever you need it.

You can bring your own bike, or we can provide you with a good quality mountain bike.

Choose a tour with accommodation under a cozy roof in country lodges and pubs, or camp out on a diverse range of welcoming farms. A maximum of sixteen people per group means you won’t feel lost in a crowd. Tours travel on a variety of roads from forest tracks to quiet sealed back roads, and are suited to mountain or hybrid bikes.

Over the Christmas and Easter Holidays we provide Day Rides that offer a chance to get out into the bush for a half or whole day, and discover some truly magical places. Everything is provided for these tours - you just need comfortable clothing, a water bottle and your camera.

panorama and flora

Stretch your muscles and raise a sweat; skim down a long mountain descent; twist and dip along forest tracks; glide through open country on smooth roads. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the bush: the sharp tang of eucalyptus, soft and strident calls of birds, tiny flowering plants, immense ancient forests and rushing rivers.

We look forward to sharing a cycle journey with you!

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